Key Highlights

Protect your store from audits and even data breaches with a fully customizable GDPR cookie notice, that fits the design of your site. Choose colors, size, fonts.

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    Advanced theming

    With a fully customizable design, Cookie Notice Bar will fit the design of your site. Choose colors, size, fonts, etc.

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    Consent statistics

    Get instant statistics about the number of consents your store has collected.

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    No short-code

    Absolutely no need to add any short-code to get started with our app. It takes less than a minute.

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    Better consent experience

    Show privacy policy messages only for visitors from EU countries or all.

Simple and Quick way to collect user data with user's permission

GDPR Cookie Notice Bar App allows you to show privacy policy pop-up only for visitors from EU countries or to all visitors, as per your need. Ensure the banner fits perfectly with your store by customizing the fonts, colors, banner message and more.


Customers are seeing positive results, we believe so will you!

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    Needed to add the GDPR cookie/consent bar and this does exactly that. Super easy to install and add to site.

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    I like the apps of Hulk Apps. I think they have a perfect equilibrium not being too simple, but rather complete but without unnecessary staff. For example, in this case, where cookies notices can be annoying, the fact that it has the option to show only the notification in the EU makes this app the winner in its category.



Pick an add-on that best suits your business needs.



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  • Check Adjustable colors
  • Check Cookie statistics
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